Benefits of Health and Beauty Blog For Patients

These days, internet has become a very important part of our life. We all rely on internet for finding solutions to our problems. No matter what your problem is you can find solution to any and every problem of yours. There are many forms by which you find answers to the problems. One very common thing which you will find on internet these days are blogs. Anyone can write blogs on any topic on which he wants to. Blogs are basically a write up through which a person shares his experiences and thoughts on a particular topic. There are available lots of website which especially hire people or pay people for contributing blogs to their website. If you also have any experience to share with rest of the world then you will not get better platform than internet. If you find some information regarding any topic you write the topic in the search box and you get the results matching with your search.

Generally blogging website divides the blogs into different categories so that searching can become easier. One section of blogs which is searched by large number of people all around the world is health blog. You will find large number of health blogs on internet written by different people and experts which prove to be quite helpful to people who are in search of such blogs. In most of the cases people get to know good things about issues related to health and in this way health blog is quite useful to them. But there is always some bad side of a good thing. This also happens in the case of blogging. There are some bloggers who write blogs just for making money and sometimes misguide people who are going to read their blogs. It is advisable that a person should not follow something written in a blog blindly. Rather one should take it as a reference and then search more on the advice given in a particular blog so that he does not end up making a wrong decision. Our health is very important and we should not make any wrong decision regarding it.

Other type of blog which is searched by people in large amount is beauty blog. There are available so many beauty products of different brands that a person gets confused when he has to choose one. In such a situation that person can look upon beauty blogs for getting away with the confusion. There are many beauty experts who write their blogs about different beauty problems that people face and thus try to solve similar problem of thousands of people with just one blog. If you want to know about some particular product then you can check product reviews posted by people who have used that particular product.

In short one can say that blogs available on internet are quite helpful in letting people what is wrong and what is right in concern to their health and beauty. Both health and beauty are very sensitive issues and should be handled very carefully. Refer to health blogs and beauty blogs for seeking help but do not rely on them completely. Use your brain in order to gauge which reference out of all is the best.

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How Retirement Can Affect Your Health

Retiring is like any other change in your life… it’s best considered as a process, not as a single event.

Like any other major change in your life, such as entering your teenage years or beginning your working career, retiring brings changes good and bad.

While a lot of research has been done on how your health is affected by retirement itself, there have been very few studies done on how being a retiree affects your health after you retire.

The stress of retiring

Life is a series of stressful events. Indeed one study has ranked retiring as 10th on the list of life’s most stressful events.

According to the Harvard Health Blog, retirement is, for some people, a chance to get away from the daily grind and relax… for others, it can be the beginning of a period of declining physical and mental abilities and increasing limitations on what they are capable of doing.

Another study in the Harvard Health Blog suggests that “moving from work to no work comes with a boatload of other changes.”

If you loved your work, retirement can bring some emptiness of purpose. If you had a stressful job, retirement brings relief.

Negative effects of retirement

A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in the USA concluded that retiring can lead to an increase of up to 16% in difficulties associated with mobility and doing daily chores, a 5 to 6% increase in illnesses, and a decline in mental health of up to 9%.

These negative effects, however, can be reduced if you are married and have a good social life, engage in sports or other physical activities, or work part-time after retiring.

The negative health effects of retirement may be worse if you have been forced to retire. According to the National Institute on Aging, health problems have a big influence on any decision to retire early and its aftermath.

Data from the US Health and Retirement Study shows that retirees are 40% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than those still working. The increase in this likelihood was greater during the first year after retiring, but levelled off after that.

A study in England found that retirement significantly increases the risk of being diagnosed with a chronic condition. In particular, retirement raises the risk of a severe cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Positive effects of retirement

But there are other studies which link retirement with improvements in health, or show that it has a neutral effect on physical wellbeing.

One study found that retirement does not change the risk of major chronic diseases.

This study also found that retirement can bring about a substantial reduction in mental and physical fatigue and symptoms of depression among people with chronic diseases.

So the impact of retirement on health may depend on the individual.

In other words, if you loved your work, retirement can bring some emptiness of purpose. On the other hand, if you had a stressful job, retirement can bring relief.

People who retire because of health problems may not enjoy retirement as much as someone who retire feeling healthy.

Tips for a healthy retirement

Here are the four things you must do to experience a fruitful and enjoyable retirement:

Keep up your daily contact with friends and colleagues where possible
Ensure your life continues to have a purpose by continuing to engage in activities such as sports or traveling
Keep your brain healthy by being creative… study an absorbing subject, paint, play music, write, do gardening, or help other people
Keep learning by exploring subjects you’ve always been interested in or new ones you have lately found engaging.
Understanding what large group studies say about retirement is interesting, but

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